The Cobbler’s Summit Limited Edition


Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Print
Limited Edition print run of 75
Block mounted, Satin finish.
Framed: Black wooden Floater Frame.
Signed by Andrew Tough and numbered on the reverse.
Strung ready to hang for your convenience.

In stock (can be backordered)


This Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Print is a specialised photograph of an original Andrew Tough painting. The photographic recreation is recreated virtually using a specialised process that creates an image identical to the original.

The photographic recreation is then printed using fine art printers that create an image that reproduces the painting to an unprecedented standard.

The limited edition print is then mounted on the finest quality alpha cellulose that is buffered with calcium carbonate so that it will not yellow like cockle or cheaper boards.

We then frame and finish the limited edition print to enhance the artwork and produce a truly exceptional compliment to any home.


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